3 Steps to Selling Honest CBD Coffee

From farm to cup we take special care in creating CBD Coffee!

To us, a cup of coffee should be more than your average cup of joe: It’s a source of energy and momentary bliss, an essential part of your daily ritual. You rely on your cup of coffee to get you through the day — or night — and we don’t want to know who you’d be without it. That’s why we put utmost research, care, and testing into sourcing our ingredients throughout all stages of our process, from the hemp we use to the beans we grind. For a closer look, check out the three steps we use on the daily to ensure we’re bringing you the highest-quality and most bioavailable cup of coffee on the market. 

Hemp Farming 

Healthy, nutrient-rich soil is critical to producing the high-quality hemp we use in our coffee, which is why we source our hemp from organic farms in central Oregon. Our odorless, tasteless, and water-soluble CBD isolate is non-GMO, pesticide, solvent, and metal-free, GRAS and GMP-certified, and Farm Bill compliant — so you can sip wisely. 

CBD Testing 

From seed to cup, all of our source materials undergo rigorous testing to ensure the material is contaminant-free. With our partners at ProVerde, an independent 3rd-party lab, we test the final product using High Performance Liquid Chromatography for CBD contents. From there, we ensure our coffee has 100% to 120% the advertised CBD content. For more information, request our COA’s here. 

Coffee Testing 

Our final step is ensuring the coffee meets our highest standards of “clean coffee.” Due to climate, agriculture, or poor handling of coffee, coffee beans often have numerous defects that greatly affect taste and quality. In most cases, these defects lead to an uneven roast or “rotten” taste — and in worst cases, these could be results of mold or mycotoxins. At Kicco, we test for 21 different metal contaminants and four microbial contaminants before preparing our coffee to sell. In short: You’re drinking the cleanest cup of coffee you can get.  

By the time our coffee has made its way to your mug, it’s been tested six times by our team of experts across the country, from beginning hemp stages to final bean roasting. We know how much your coffee means to you, so our job is to bring you the best, cleanest, highest-quality cup in the world —  and we promise to do just that. 

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