The Farms We Work With

Where our coffee comes from...

For Kicco Koffie’s delicious roast blends, we went to great lengths to ensure the added benefit of premixing our CBD isolate doesn’t compromise flavor. Balanced, rich flavor is an important part of our coffee, and indeed a key distinguisher for us — but it’s not everything we look for in a coffee bean.

True to our mission of improving lives one cup of coffee at a time, we choose to partner with coffee suppliers that prioritize quality, environmental sustainability, fair compensation for employees and coffee farmers alike, and who look to forge strong and lasting relationships with Kicco rather than just make the sale. And yes, flavor too. After researching, speaking with, and meeting dozens of coffee farms, we honed in on several that fit our criteria.

So who are these unicorn farms?

In this post we’ll focus on two of the farms that made the Kicco Koffie cut ... 

Golden Rooster

Our Colombian blend — comprised of Castillo-variety coffee beans — comes from the La Grecia farm in the Salgar region. The region, with its ideally nestled climate in lush, misty foothills, produce smooth-bodied brews that embody the purity of the region itself. Under the careful management of Fredy Hoyos, a lifelong Salgar resident, La Grecia employs more than 60 year-round employees. Many of these employees are women who were widowed by civil war and past conflicts within Colombia.

The coffee we source from La Grecia, named Golden Rooster, is made up of large beans notably low in acidity that create a medium bodied brew. For the nose, Golden Rooster coffee provides rich aromas of sugar cane and cocoa. For taste, you’ll enjoy balanced flavors of apricot, chocolate, orange, and raisin.


The beans in our Guatemalan blend start their story in the highest mountain range in Central America, the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes. Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Desarrollo de Concepcion Huista (better known as CODECH), a renowned farm in this region produces some of the best fair trade and organic coffees in all of Guatemala. CODECH is comprised of four base cooperatives with members representing the Popti, Mam, and Q’anjob’al branches of the Mayan family.

CODECH beans, the gems of the Cuchumatanes, are sun dried on the farm’s patios — allowing them to exhibit the classic Huehue blackberry and chocolate flavors typical to the region. Drinkers of this coffee will also enjoy the well-refined blend’s elegant levels of acidity and notes of stone fruits and citrus.

Final sip...

To us, flavor is more than just the tongue’s opinion. It’s the holistic experience of knowing and appreciating that the coffee beans that made their way into your premium, CBD-infused blend have been carefully and ethically considered. Environmental sustainability, competitive wages, advancing education, and direct relationships between farmers and distributors are all things that help an already delicious cup of Kicco Koffie taste that much better. 

Have any questions for us? We’re all for it! Don’t hesitate to reach out, even if it’s just to say “Hey, your coffee tastes really good”.

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