About us

Our Mission:

Put simply, our mission is to improve lives all over the world — one cup of CBD infused coffee at a time. We strive daily to accomplish this mission by providing you, our customer, with the highest quality and most bioavailable cup of CBD coffee in the world.
But our mission transcends just our product offerings. We also improve lives through our social impact program, where we look to fund 10,000 small businesses in 10 years through partnerships and donations.

Who We Are:

Kicco Koffie is a CBD infused coffee company founded in Denver, CO. By combining our quality, gourmet roasts with organic hemp-derived CBD, we’re proud to provide delicious coffee blends that are delightfully balanced in both taste and effect.

On the coffee side of things, we partner with a variety of farms. Our beans are sourced from certified fair trade coffee farms, organic farms, and farms that are proven stewards for their local communities. Despite their different regions, all of them bring a superior product to life. We roast locally in Denver with national cupping judge, Hannah Ulbrich.

On the CBD side of things, we source from U.S. based, organic, non GMO hemp that is 3rd party tested for quality. Our CBD isolate is Farm Bill compliant and free of pesticides, solvents, and metals. Learn more.

Beyond our coffee, Kicco Koffie is a company made up of entrepreneurial individuals working for a bigger cause. As a purpose-driven company, Kicco Koffie donates one dollar for each pound of coffee sold to fund emerging businesses all over the world.

By drinking Kicco Koffie, you’re not just tasting a deliciously balanced CBD infused coffee. You’re investing in small business entrepreneurs all over the world.

Our Commitments

We want you to feel good about drinking Kicco Koffie. So we’ve established the following commitments to you, our fellow CBD coffee sipper:
  1. A commitment to only use industrial CBD Isolate derived from non GMO, organically grown hemp that has been grown in the U.S. and is:
    1. Non GMO, pesticide, solvent, and metal free
    2. GRAS and GMP certified
    3. Processed in FDA approved facilities
    4. 3rd party tested
    5. Farm Bill compliant
  2. A commitment to source premium coffee from farms that practice sustainable agriculture.
  3. A commitment to better the lives of hard-working entrepreneurs worldwide by donating a portion of our sales to help fund micro-business loans.

If you have any questions about our production process, materials, or sourcing that you’re not finding on our product pages or in our blogs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.