We Raise Our Mugs to Small Businesses

As a purpose-driven company, a portion of Kicco Koffie’s sales helps fund small businesses all over the world.

The entrepreneurial spirit is embedded into the fabric of Kicco Koffie and the two Italian co-founders behind it. We want to support hard-working people the world over, which is why we donate $1 for every pound of coffee sold towards micro loans for emerging businesses and humans.

One of the international nonprofits we partner with, Kiva, directly addresses the underlying barriers to financial access around the world. With micro loans funded by the portion of Kicco Koffie’s sales proceeds, students can pay tuition, women can start businesses, farmers can invest in necessary equipment, and families can afford emergency care. 

By enjoying Kicco Koffie, you are investing in individuals worldwide. Just as we love to help you kickstart your day with a deliciously balanced cup of CBD infused coffee, we’re proud to help small businesses and individuals alike get up and running.